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5 Movie Speeches That Were Totally Different In Real Life


Miracle Left Out The Best Sports Speech In History

Miracle was a movie about two things America loves: playing hockey and beating communism. “The Miracle on Ice” refers to the American men’s ice hockey team’s defeat of the Soviet team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. There’s no shortage of inspirational moments, not the least of which is Kurt Russell’s famous “You were born for this” speech, which coach Herb Brooks really gave.

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Obviously they won the gold, because it’s scientifically impossible to fail if Kurt Russell believes in you.

But they left out his best line. During their final showdown against Finland, when the Americans were down 2-1 after two periods, Brooks marched into the locker room, puffed out his chest, and gave the best sports pep talk ever: “If you lose this game, you’ll take it to your fucking graves.” Then he paused and repeated “Your fucking graves.” That was it. That was the entire speech. It’s like Don Cherry and Ernest Hemingway had a weird, bearded metaphor of a love child.

CBCA fabulously dressed love child.

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And, well, it kind of worked! The boys in (red, white, and) blue came back like screaming eagles to win the gold 4-2. So why would they leave out the most epic speech of Brooks’ career? We don’t know, but while America might have finally been ready for a movie about its miraculous Olympics win, it might not have been ready for Kurt Russell dead-staring the camera while emphasizing, “Your fucking graves.”